Web site allows us to stay up on the news

Published 10:38 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Editor

I just want to say thank you for The Clanton Advertiser’s Web site, clantonadvertiser.com.

For those of us that no longer live in Chilton County, it keeps us up on a lot of the things going on in the county.

I don’t care where I live or how long I have been gone, Chilton County will always be home.

I live in Tulsa, Okla. now. You would not believe how many people out here know about Chilton County and its peaches.

You can say something about it, and they ask if that is where the big Peach Tower is.

I will tell them yes it is, and the next thing they say is, those are the best peaches they have ever had.

My youngest daughter is a junior at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Okla.

When we were moving her back in this fall, I saw a man with a Auburn shirt on.

Well, I had to say something to him about it, being I am a die hard Auburn fan. I found out he was from Plantersville.

He was moving his daughter back in who is also a junior. Our daughters have known each other for the last two years and are very good friends.

I guess I have taken up enough time. Thank you again for keeping the ones of us no longer live in Chilton County informed.

Bobby Joe Payton

Tulsa, Okla.