Teaching our kids to eat healthy

Published 10:31 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The childhood obesity problem has been one of the most reported issues of the past 10 years.

This has resulted in several changes in our schools, such as restrictions on carbonated drinks or the banning of soft drink vending machines. Other changes in an attempt to address this issue include stricter child nutrition programs and healthier choices in school cafeterias.

Schools can only do so much to promote healthy eating among kids. We can only hope that parents take responsibility to see that their children receive proper nutrition when at home.

Clanton Elementary School is participating in a program that provides fruits and vegetables as free snacks. A U.S. Department of Agriculture grant is funding the program, and local farmers have donated many of the fruits and vegetables.

Students are getting to try many exotic kinds of fruits, such as the star fruit, kiwi and persimmons.

Last week, Clanton Elementary students partnered with the Chilton County High School Agriscience Department to plant broccoli and cauliflower in their own garden located behind the school.

Teaching our kids to eat right is one of the most important parts of education, especially in a time when people are so rushed in their daily activities that it’s easy to make unhealthy food choices.

Allowing kids to experience the wonder of watching plants grow in a garden helps them realize the important processes that take place before foods arrive at the grocery store. It also expands their scientific knowledge.

We hope all schools in our county will be able to offer this or similar programs.