Several arrested for drugs

Published 9:47 pm Monday, October 26, 2009

Chilton County sheriff’s deputies have arrested several people on various drug charges this month.

Most of the arrests involved methamphetamines or marijuana, according to Sheriff Kevin Davis.

The sheriff said none of the cases are related but do reflect the county’s ongoing battle against illegal drug use.

“The manufacturing of meth is becoming a daily fight for law and drug enforcement officers,” said Davis. “The problem is the availability of the ingredients to manufacture it. They can buy all the ingredients right here in Chilton County.”

The arrests, according to Davis, include:

Charles Turner, Sonya Shields, Richard Shuffert and Warren Driver were arrested on Oct. 13 off County Road 438 and were charged with being in possession of an active meth lab.

Jimmy Keith Baker, Jessica Baker, William Trent McMinn and Holly Wilson were arrested off County Road 247 on Oct. 16 on meth charges.

Benny Headley was arrested in Jemison on Oct. 18. Police recovered more than $33,000 worth of marijuana plants and $5,000 worth of growing supplies.

Jeremy Smith was arrested Oct. 19 in Thorsby allegedly with an active meth lab and faces distribution charges.

James Harold Connell was arrested Oct. 20 on meth charges.