Seminar will help seniors avoid identity theft

Published 12:01 am Saturday, October 17, 2009

The victimization of children is usually the worst crime we can think of. Not far behind, though, is when people take advantage of the elderly.

Sadly, this is becoming more common. Scammers steal the money seniors have worked their whole lives for at a time when they should simply be able to enjoy the fruits of their life of labor.

We, as a community and a society, can’t do too much to ensure seniors aren’t taken advantage of by those looking to make a quick buck. So, it is good to know a free seminar will be held Wednesday, Oct. 21 at the Alabama Power Conference Center to help seniors and their caregivers learn how to better safeguard themselves and their identity.

Scheduled guest speakers are Chilton County Sheriff Kevin Davis, attorney Jan Neal and Sharon Gilbert of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Seniors need to know that there are people who would do them harm and how to protect themselves from these people, and the local leaders that have signed on to speak at the seminar are just the kind of people that can help.