Volunteers deserving of special event

Published 10:42 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Those who are willing to volunteer time to a worthy cause are the best among us.

So, it was good to see members of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department’s Reserve Unit, which is comprised of volunteers, get rewarded for their good deeds.

The inaugural Fire Arms Competition on Oct. 10 was the sheriff’s department’s way of making a training opportunity fun for the reserves by mixing in some competition.

“The reserves are kind of unseen in the community,” said Patrol Capt. Rocky Mims, director of the reserve unit. “They volunteer their time and services and do many things to help out.

“They save us a lot of money.”

In fact, the reserves save Chilton County taxpayers about $143,000 each year.

Yet another good reason these men and women deserved an event like the Fire Arms Competition.

We hope the event will be held annually and that the sheriff’s department’s reserve unit continues to grow.