Final three Swedish Fest Queens crowned

Published 10:13 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The final three Swedish Fest Queens were crowned Tuesday night at Thorsby High School.

Alyssa Childress was named Miss Swedish Fest, while Alyson Childress was chosen as Junior Miss, and Resha Grace was picked as Young Miss.

The Miss Swedish Fest Court includes: Childress; First Alternate and Most Photogenic Keeley Patterson; Second Alternate, Haley Kelley; Third Alternate, Macy McGriff; and Fourth Alternate, Kayla Nichole Haynes.

The Junior Miss Swedish Fest Court includes: Childress, who was also picked as Most Photogenic; First Alternate, Makenzie Ray; Second Alternate, Katelyn Harrison; Third Alternate, Brianna Veazey; and Fourth Altnerate, Kelsie Barrett.

The Young Miss Swedish Fest Court includes: Grace; First Alternate, Devin Padgett; Second Alternate, Carlea Patricia Swindle; Third Alternate, Brooke Wilkerson; and Fourth Alternate and Most Photogenic Kelsea Smith.

Tiniest, Tiny and Little Miss were crowned Monday night.