Programs beneficial to county students

Published 12:18 am Saturday, October 3, 2009

One has to only glance at the pages of this very newspaper to realize that drugs are present in Chilton County—and that they cause all kinds of problems.

Unfortunately, we are obligated to report to the public when arrests are made that involve large amounts of drugs and/or the intent to sell them. On Friday, though, we also got to report on how anti-drug programs are working in local schools.

The Too Good for Drugs program is common in middle schools across the county, and that’s a good thing. Children at this time in their lives are ready to do one of two things: accept drug use and become curious about it or develop an aversion to something that could ruin their lives.

Having knowledgeable people on hand to help explain the consequences of the choice increases the number of students that will make the right decision.

“I didn’t realize…one little thing can ruin a lot of stuff for you,” Isabella sixth grader Ashton Taylor said. That’s the kind of response we hope for out of every child that goes through the program.

Too Good for Drugs is also utilized for Chilton County High School’s 9th and 10th graders.

Another program doing positive things in the county is Students Against Destructive Decisions. SADD also encourages students to get involved in community projects.

Last year, for example, the SADD chapter did Operation Happy Socks, where students collected socks to give to seniors at Hatley Health Care. They also made goody bags and handed them out to youth groups with contact numbers to helpful organizations.

SADD and Too Good for Drugs are programs that should be commended and utilized to the fullest extent possible.