Show teams more support

Published 10:35 pm Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Editor

A winning season, a newly refurbished gymnasium, players who are talented, determined and excited.

What more could a proud parent of a Lady Rebel volleyball player want?

As I sat and watched our ladies continue their winning streak, I realized how disappointed I was that not one administrator, teacher or representative of the town, most of whom actually played basketball in that very gym when it was new, was there to see it.

These girls have worked hard in workouts in the off-season, practiced until they are black and blue, leaving a piece of themselves on that court every time they play, all to make a community proud, and yet no one seems to care enough about it to spend $4 and an hour out of their time to support the kids who are giving everything they have to their school and their community.

Our kids today face a lot of challenges and adversity, and these ladies have found something they love.

We say we worry about our kids, who they are with and what they do when we aren’t around.

Well, what happens when we aren’t around to let them know we support them and are proud of them? I know volleyball isn’t the social scene of the Friday night football game, but would it really hurt that much to come out and watch them play?

I am ashamed of the school and the community I have lived in and been a part of for 22 years.

Maybe you should see the looks on those faces when they come running out of the locker room with music playing and they realize the gym is empty.

How can we expect them to be fired up and play great volleyball when no one is there to see it?

Let’s show our kids that we are glad they aren’t on the streets, drinking and doing drugs, and that we are proud of their accomplishments, on and off the court.

We owe a big thanks to Ginger and Keith Williams for believing in our kids and giving their time to them.

It is time our community shows its thanks as well. Come watch our next game and cheer for our Lady Rebels.

They deserve it!

Amy Smith