What is Board’s position on Obama’s address?

Published 5:49 pm Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Editor,

I have tried all morning long to reach the Chilton County Board of Education to find out the “official” position of the Board regarding Tuesday’s “Presidential Address to Students.”

At least a half dozen times I have been sent to voicemail. When I finally did reach a real, live person, that individual told me they would have to refer me to the Superintendent’s Office. Yep, you got it, back to voicemail.

As a taxpayer, I believe I have the right to be able to reach this office to obtain from the horse’s mouth a true stance on this issue, as I care what my grandchildren are exposed to. I’ll tell you what this taxpayer’s opinion is: Don’t waste students’ valuable time on such garbage!

This total and blatant abuse of power by a sitting President to further a radical agenda in an attempt to indoctrinate young minds (What can you do to help the president?) is hideously unconscionable!

Simply asked, “Mr. Superintendent, what is the Board’s position on this issue?”

– John D. Bailey, Thorsby