All 3 Clements brothers have started at QB for Jemison

Published 8:23 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jemison quarterback Scott Clements will never lack for coaching.

Clements gets the usual treatment after school each day. But practice doesn’t end when the junior goes home, where two older brothers have plenty of experience to pass on after having been in the same situation.

When Chilton County High visited Jemison on Aug. 27, Clements became the third brother to start at quarterback for the Panthers. The other two had close looks at his performance: Jon (Jemison QB from 2000 through 2002) was in the press box coaching for CCHS, and Van (‘03 and ‘04) was on the Jemison sidelines as an assistant coach.

“Last year, it wasn’t nearly as stressful,” Jon said about his first season as a CCHS assistant, a year that didn’t include coaching against a team that featured Scott as the starting quarterback.

The Clements household’s ties to Jemison go even further. The brothers’ father, Neal, played running back from 1968 through 1970 (“He wasn’t like us; he was actually fast,” Van said). Van’s twin sister, Holley, was a cheerleader.

So, it was unusual the past couple of years for the family to be split during the annual rivalry game with CCHS. Van, 23, said he and Scott, 17, instigated most of the trash talking before the game, though Jon, 25, had the last laugh when CCHS won, 19-12.

Instead of return home to gloat, though, Jon stayed the night after the game with friends in Clanton.

The competition among the siblings is perhaps what has made them successful.

“It didn’t matter if we were playing basketball in the driveway or two-hand touch football in the back yard or, ‘Hey, I got out of the shower first,’ everything had to be a competition,” Jon said. “But competition makes you better.”

Van and Scott each Thursday at practice see who can hit a receiver standing at the goal line from the farthest away (and dispute the results).

With brothers like those, was there a chance Scott would grow up to do anything but quarterback the Jemison football team?

“I kind of felt like there were some expectations,” he said.