It’s like Nero watching Rome burn

Published 10:33 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Editor,

I am amazed and more so every day.

We either have a lack of concern or a lack of events going on in Chilton County or a newspaper that is controlling the opinions being stated in its editorial section.

I have no knowledge of which it is, however, the way I see it is as follows:

I know much goes on, and much we don’t hear about until later in theweek unless it makes the larger news reporting facilities north or south of us.

I see on the reported stories, the opinions of many of the papers readers, but then I repeatedly see letters to the editor sit there for a month or so.

With all the criticism of our elected officials and their methods of financing our government, no one takes the time to state an opinion in the form of a letter?

A statement was made that as soon as the authenticy of the letter was verified that the letter was posted. How much trouble is it to verify such a letter’s authenticity?

Then is it that we just don’t care?

I must admit I don’t care much for our national media, but I hope for more from our local reporters, so I’m hoping its not that.

I guess then its like Nero, we are all fiddling while Rome burns, and it is on a local, state and federal level.

Is it new? No, but it has not been put out and just forced in a different direction.

Some think that because the opposition party took power that things will change … no only a different struggle for power.

All we are doing is changing the foxes in the chicken house.

Our career politicans are having a field day, and we taxpayers are bearing the burden.

By Johnny Thacker Sr.