Community comes together

Published 10:49 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

All kids like new stuff. I think back to Christmas and all the unwrapped toys under the Christmas tree or getting behind the wheel of my first new (well, new to me) car.

Students in Jemison got that feeling a lot this week thanks to generous community members.

First of all, the team will host its archrival Chilton County High School next Thursday in its recently renovated Panther Stadium. Through donations and fund-raisers, the school raised more than $20,000 to fix the stadium up.

Volunteers replaced cracked bleachers, painted the entire stadium, brought in new fencing and safety rails, added a handicap parking area, renovated parts of the restrooms and more.

The renovations really speak to the community pride in Jemison and how many people got involved with the project.

The list of people Principal Alan Thompson thanked for their help is too long to print in this column, but can be found on a list just outside the home entrance.

Regions Bank employees this week also donated school supplies and money to Jemison and Thorsby elementary schools. The donations were gathered from both store employees and patrons of the bank.

Thanks to these efforts, students will have book bags, notebooks and other supplies that their families just couldn’t afford and teachers will have more resources in classrooms.