Full-time chief good for fire dept.

Published 8:03 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The appointment of David Driver as the City of Clanton’s first full-time fire chief was the right decision by the city council and, we hope, will work in the city’s favor.

Driver has served in the role on a part-time basis since December 2008 and, before that, he worked with the Prattville Fire Department, so he is definitely qualified.

Though much has already been done in his time in Clanton, Driver’s designation as a full-time worker should only enhance his ability to improve the department’s service. That’s good news for anyone that lives in the city.

But some people, as always seems to be the case, have found some negative things to say about Driver’s appointment. Driver is the nephew of Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver. Before drawing a conclusion, though, consider that David Driver’s appointment was approved unanimously by the council.

Regardless of last names, Clanton is in better shape with a full-time fire chief.