Expo offers taste of Chilton

Published 10:11 pm Friday, July 31, 2009

Those attending Saturday’s expo at the Chilton Research and Extension Center will get a taste of Chilton County life, literally.

The annual Farm, Home and Wildlife Expo will be from noon until 5 p.m. The event will offer something for everyone, from free tasting of local produce to cooking demonstrations and farm programs.

“This is more or less an open house,” said Jim Pitts, CREC superintendent. “It’s just going to give you an overview of what we do.”

Farm events include demonstrating about dairy farming, goats and a wood burning truck.

Cooking classes will be offered throughout the afternoon. One will focus on preparing blackened catfish, while another will teach people how to stir-fry using peaches.

The always-popular tasting tent will include several different varieties of peaches, apples, figs, watermelons and grapes. People are invited to taste the raw fruits as well as the same produce in pies, cakes, ice cream and more.

“We want to educate people about the fruit that can be grown in the area,” said Pitts. “This whole event is a learning experience, but we don’t have any PowerPoints. We want people to see it, hear it, taste it … smell it.”

For those interested in wildlife, there will be a seminar on feral hogs and more.

Pitts said there is so much going on it can even be a little overwhelming.

“You cannot possibly do everything,” said Pitts. “You can pick and choose how you want to best spend your afternoon.”

The farming, cooking and wildlife classes will be offered three times Saturday afternoon so people don’t have to worry about missing one they really wanted to attend, Pitts said.

There will also be singers, and supper will be served. There is a chance of rain forecasted for Saturday, but Pitts said the expo would continue as long as there was no lightning.

The expo, in its current form, is now in its fifth year. Between 700 to 1,000 people attended last year, Pitts estimates.

The Chilton Research and Extension Center is located off County Road 29, just follow the signs. For more information call, 646-3610.

Check Tuesday’s edition of The Clanton Advertiser for photos from the expo.