Media Days never fail to surprise

Published 5:57 pm Friday, July 24, 2009

It wasn’t Phil Fulmer being served a subpoena, but there were a couple of happenings this week that made the Southeastern Conference’s Media Days interesting.

And they both centered around Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, one of the goldenest golden boys college football has ever seen.

Before the event, it was widely reported that Tebow—he of the Heisman, the two national championships and the mission trips—was not a unanimous selection to the coaches’ all-conference team. So, every coach to take the podium got asked if he was the snubber (except Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt, who cleverly made known his vote before the question could be put forth).

Finally, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier owned up. The old Spurrier—who dubbed FSU “Free Shoes University” and declared that one couldn’t spell Citrus, as the bowl once reserved for the second-best team in the conference, without “UT”—would have shrugged off the slight. But Spurrier explained, apologized and sniveled as if he’d just knocked the Pope’s hat off his head.

Even more noteworthy was Tebow being asked if he is saving himself for marriage. Tebow answered in the affirmative, but the issue the question brings up is whether Tebow is such a phenomenon, and has been covered so thoroughly, that using him to create a stir is all we have left?

If so, the season might be as uneventful as some have predicted: Gators win third national championship in four years, and no one can come close to stopping them.

Oh, well. That’s the beauty of this time of the year. Every team’s players, coaches and fans still have hope for a successful season.