Your money, counterfeiters, is no good here

Published 10:12 pm Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only $85 may not seem like much money, until you are given that amount in counterfeit money.

The Jemison Police Department uncovered $85 in counterfeit money Sunday during a traffic stop.

Police believe the money was going to be used to buy drugs. Two men were arrested and charged with attempting to commit a controlled substance crime. One of the men, Corey Coggins of Deatsville, was also charged with counterfeiting.

Though it didn’t take a huge amount of counterfeit money off the streets, Jemison police did confiscate this money and stop a potential drug deal. For that, they should be congratulated.

As Jemison police chief Shane Fulmer said, new technology is allowing crooks to print money that looks more and more like the real thing.

It’s important for business to be watchful and learn ways to spot counterfeit money. More information about counterfeiting is available at most local law enforcement offices.