Congratulations in order for several in community

Published 8:53 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Congratulations to Richard Moore of Peoples Southern Bank for being named president of the Alabama Bankers’ Association.

The more than 140 Alabama Banks were wise to elect Richard, and I am confident he will do a good job leading the organization.

Of late, banks everywhere have faced difficult times and good leadership is an important aspect of moving banks forward in today’s economy.

With more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry, Richard certainly has earned the respect of his peers and can and will provide the needed leadership.

Another friend, Charles Ellison, was named Lion of the Year by the Clanton Lions Club this week. I served with Charles years ago on the county’s hospital board and know he works hard on any task he takes on.

At this year’s peach auction, Charles was busy taking each half-bushel basket of peaches to and from the auction stand all morning. If you remember, it was a hot day and Charles carrying efforts was making it even hotter for him.

I asked Charles why he couldn’t let some of the younger Lions carry the baskets. I didn’t wait for an answer because I know if there is work to be done, Charles would be the first to jump in a get it done. His willingness to volunteer and work certainly helps make his selection of Lion of the Year an easy task for club members.

Congratulations are also in order for those responsible for the free fireworks programs sponsored by the city of Clanton, town of Thorsby and the Home Owners and Boat Owners Association of Lake Mitchell.

Several have commented how much they appreciated a safe way for their families to enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July.

While I am congratulating and thanking others, I want to thank the police, firemen, hospital staff, servicemen and women and others who worked on Independence Day to help keep all of us safe while we enjoyed the holiday.