Land transactions for July 9

Published 8:12 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jimmy Randall Sparks and Pamela Sparks to Chester Sparks and Lois Sparks, land located in Section 24, Township 21, Range 14.

Howard E. Smith and Alma C. Smith to Shannon S. Walker, land located in Section 23, Township 21, Range 14.

Heirs of Vernon H. Bragg and Thelma Bragg, being Timothy E. Bragg, Patsy J. Elrod, Freddy C. Bragg and Judy K. Dietrich to Freddy C. Bragg and Elda S. Bragg, land located in Section 29, Township 24, Range 13.

Butch Ray Lovelady to Ronnie Norris and Dinah Norris, land located in Section 4, Township 21, Range 11.

Ronald E. Gatlin and Rebecca L. Gatlin to Bama Properties, land located in Lots 1, 2 and 3; Block 2 in the Maplesville Real Estate Company’s Addition to the Town of Maplesville.

W.C. Hayes Jr. and Janice R. Hayes to Wesley Hicks, land located in Section 28, Township 21, Range 12.

Wesley Hicks to W.C. Hayes Jr. and Janice R. Hayes, land located in Lots 11 and 18, Block 2 of Pine Forest Subdivision, First Sector.

Marlene Hayes to Janice Lynn Hayes Franklin, Debra Jean Hayes Orange, Kathryn Marie Hayes Smith and Laura Ann Hayes Liveoak, land located in Section 3, Township 20, Range 13.

Louise Chambers to Russell Wayne Jones and Magan Nicole Jones, land located in Section 16, Township 21, Range 12.

John R. Beebe and Lynda D. Beebe to Joel H. Robertson Jr., land located in the W.H. Starter Lot in the City of Clanton.

Mildred Smith Gentry to Paulette Shaddix, James W. Gentry and Janice Kilgore, land located in Section 7, Township 21, Range 14.

Gayton E. Lopresti Jr. to Gayton E. Lopresti Jr. and Kimberly M. Lopresti, land located in Lot 8, Block 2 of the Gowan Addition to the City of Clanton.

David A. DeSimone and Vicki L. DeSimone to Bruce Bevers, land located in Lot 20 of The Ridge on Lake Mitchell.

Bruce Bevers to Bruce S. Bevers and Martha K. Bevers, land located in Lot 20 of The Ridge on Lake Mitchell.

Robert A. Followell and Khristina M. Followell to Relocation Advantage, LLC, land located in Lot 3 of Spring Ridge Estates.

Relocation Advantage, LLC to Randall K. Smith, land located in Lot 3 of Spring Ridge Estates.

Wachovia Bank to Rodney Foster, land located in Section 36, Township 21, Range 15.

Janice Ann Powell to Randall Evens Powell and Janice Ann Powell, land located in Section 36, Township 22, Range 15.

Evelyn Davis to Wilbur Gore and Donna Deloris Gore, land located in Section 22, Township 21, Range 16.

Davison Development, Inc. to Mary Angela Morgan, land located in Lot 4 of Spring Ridge Estates.

Authentic Building, LLC to Clint Holladay, land located in Lot 21 of Alaga Landing.

Kenneth Wayne Royter to Gloria Brown, Glenda A. Clemmons, Michael D. Crocker and Russell R. Crocker.

Sandra G. Moone to Linda S. McLeon, land located in Section 6, Township 21, Range 14.

Green Tree-AL, LLC to Robert T. Roberts, land located in Section 20, Township 23, Range 14.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shermon Smith and Nancy Smith, land located in Section 32, Township 24, Range 13.

L&C land development to David Lee Lawrence, land located in Section 21, Township 21, Range 14.

Billy Kim Foshee to Donald and Brenda Manley, land located in Section 26, Township 23, Range 13.