Rodeo goes on rain or shine

Published 10:00 pm Monday, July 6, 2009

Though their pictures and stories have been limited to the sports section, the accomplishments of some local cowboys and cowgirls deserve another mention, this time on the opinion page.

Rodeo is a sport most Chilton County residents probably don’t keep up with. There is an occasional exception, but the competitions aren’t held locally. So, we here at The Advertiser aren’t able to cover these events.

Fortunately for us, several people lately have contributed pictures and stories to let us know just how well their children have fared in rodeo competitions.

We’ve already recognized the accomplishments of Jason Garcia, Bryanna Garcia, Zachary Wilson and Giorgia Wilson, and you’ll read about Emily Garcia, Kaci Tracy, Nelson Wyatt and Avery Wyatt in the coming days.

The amount of success these young men and women have had is remarkable.

Local rodeo competitors are making a name for themselves. I visited the Wilsons on a day they just happened to have all their championship saddles and buckles displayed outside their home. The collection looked like it would have taken a lifetime of work to acquire.

And don’t think that just because rodeo isn’t as well known a sport that the participants work any less hard. The level of commitment is as impressive, if not more so, than that of participants in other sports.

“Anyone who rodeos works hard all year long—rain or shine,” rodeo mom Kelly Garcia said. “There is no putting a horse down to play later.”