Litter problem, neglect an issue on Lay Lake

Published 9:55 pm Thursday, July 2, 2009

The state of our lakes and rivers has improved since the implementation of Renew Our Rivers, but the condition of one spot on Lay Lake shows a continued need for cleanup efforts.

The Point, an area located near the boat launch in north Chilton County, was recently found littered with dangerous and disgusting items like broken beer bottles and used baby diapers.

The county commission, litter control agent and road department have made an effort to clean up the site and improve its appearance. Crews reportedly hauled away at least four truckloads of trash.

However, just like our county’s roadsides, the litter always pops back up just as soon as it can be removed.

The futility of these efforts shows the need for a change in direction. It’s going to take a more organized effort between our county’s leadership and local citizens for this situation to ever improve.

It’s likely that months of neglect — from both the county and citizens — caused this spot to become an eyesore. Unfortunately, many times this has to happen first before people will take notice.

When a remote area is accessible to the public yet lacks needed facilities, maintenance and enforcement, the result is a big, stinking mess.

It’s good to know that people are taking notice, however. Commissioner Allen Caton said he would like to see the area become more like Higgins Ferry Park on Lake Mitchell.

Adding a ranger and facilities would certainly improve things, but unfortunately it’s nowhere near the top of a long list of needs the county can’t justify paying for on its own.