June first month without tag reminders

Published 8:55 pm Thursday, July 2, 2009

As the month of July begins, those with last names beginning with “I” or “M” will receive citations if they have not renewed their car tags last month.

June was the first month vehicle owners did not receive mailed reminders to renew their plates due to a lack of funding in the tax collector’s office.

Tim Little, Chilton County tax collector, said some methods of renewal seem to have been affected, while others seem normal.

“The renewals through the mail are really off, and online renewals are really down this month,” Little said.

However, Little said the office windows have been as busy as ever with vehicle owners renewing their tags.

While some people see the absence of reminders as an inconvenience, others see it as a good way to cut costs.

Little said he has received feedback for both views.

“I got a handful of e-mails from people for and against it,” Little said.

In the month of July, those whose last names begin with “L” or “P” will need to renew their tags.