This tax is needed

Published 9:18 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Chilton County Commission continues to discuss ideas around a proposed one-cent sales tax; a sales tax that is desperately needed to bring the county back to solvency.

In many cases, we have taken a strong opposition to some of the county’s plans, and in some cases, vehemently opposed some of the comments and thoughts of some commissioners. But, in this case, we will stand firmly behind a well-developed, well-articulated one-cent sales tax plan that will provide the adequate funding to our county services.

Those who have opposed the idea of a sales tax source the need for the county to better manage its finances and “live within its means.” We agree.

But, there comes a point, where the services that must be provided to the citizens of a county must be paid for. And, as with everything else in life, costs do go up.

The commission has already instituted drastic cuts and ordered what is called “emergency spending.” These two measures have put the county into a less severe funding situation, but the coming months are only going to get worse.

At some point, further county cuts will reduce the quality of living we, as residents of Chilton County, have come to expect.

It is never easy to support a tax. For politicians, suggesting a one-cent sales tax is “bad politics,” but today it is necessary.

The plan the commissions are developing must be well thought out and properly explained to the voters of Chilton County. It is up to the commission now to do the job of convincing the people of what is needed or, if unsuccessful, what could happen.