God always provides

Published 8:43 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2009

“Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, until seventy times seven. Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants. And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed ten thousand talents. But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his Lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. Then the Lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt. But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellowservants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took him by the throat, saying, Paying me that thou owest. And his fellowservant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt. So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their Lord all that was done. Then his Lord, after that he had called him, said unto him, O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me: Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee?” (Matthew 18:22-33).

Thought of the week: “God Provides”

“I choose not to share my troubles, nor the scars down deep inside; but I’ve found through all adversity God always does provide. When our pathways seems the darkest and life’s storms are all about, we’ve used all our resources and it seems there’s no way out; that’s when He sends a miracle — moves mountains — calms the seas, but often times the miracles are worked inside of me. He gives us strength for every need, gives joy in time of sorrow, and I know with deep assurance He’ll be there for me tomorrow.”

The New Convert Community will have their reunion Saturday, June 27 at 8 a.m. at New Convert Baptist Church in Maplesville. From 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. they will have a picnic at E. M. Henry Park.

Worship service at Holly Grove Baptist Church in Jemison began with the songs, “One More Time,” “On Time God” and “Thank You Jesus For Blessing Me.”

The message was given by Pastor Dukes. His theme was “Living a Life Filled With Excuses.” Time out for pretending — we keep struggling in the same old stuff with our same excuses. We want signs and wonders all the time. We say, “If I see, I will believe.” We don’t go through things Jesus hasn’t already gone through.

Do you want to be better? Don’t limit yourself; others have troubles and problems like you. They can’t help you. Seek Jesus and depend on Him. People are limited at their best; talk to Jesus first and He will open doors for you. Be determined to step out for God, don’t get sidetracked.

Go directly to Jesus, and you won’t have a curtain between you and him. The curtain was rent on the cross — get delivered from yourself and excuses. You have the ability to get up and walk, so focus on Jesus, take up your bed and walk. Move out on faith. Immediately the man was made whole. When Jesus says you are whole, you are whole right then.

On our sick list this week we ask you to remember in your prayers: Linda Clay, Pinkie Nix, Lee Anna Worthey, Joseph McCall, Flora B. Franklin, Bubba Rogers, William White, Queen Worthey, Rebecca Johnson Roberts, Sam and Vivian Hicks. May God heal, strengthen and keep them in His care is our prayer.

–Emily Agee’s column appears each Thursday.