CCHS to host passing, line camp

Published 8:28 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About 250 high school players Thursday will visit Chilton County High for a football camp.

Billingsley, CCHS, Isabella, Jemison, Maplesville and New Brockton will all participate in the passing and linemen camp, the first of its kind to be held at the school.

The morning will include offensive and defensive drills, and the afternoon will be spent by teams competing in a 7-on-7 competition and an offensive and defensive line challenge.

“We hope to have some fun,” Maplesville coach Brent Hubbert said. “We want them to work, no doubt. It’s good to get those repetitions.”

Players will be treated a lunch that will include guest speakers from the state Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Then, the competition will begin. 7-on-7 scoring will look a little different than most formats used. Teams will alternate 10 plays on offense and defense from the 40-yard line twice. Then, each team will get five plays from the opponent’s 10-yard line.

Plays from 5-19 yards will earn a team one point, plays of 20 or more yards will earn two points, a touchdown will earn three points, an interception will earn the defense three points, a sack (when the quarterback holds the ball for longer than four seconds) will count for one point, as will an interference call against the defense.

“This [scoring system] allows you to do more game-type situation stuff,” CCHS coach Brian Carter said. “I feel like it’s going to be more beneficial.”

Carter said anyone interested is welcome to attend at no cost. All activities will be held at either the CCHS practice field, the Clanton Middle School practice field or Tiger Stadium.

Though the games don’t count in any standings, players usually still find them important—especially when local competition is involved.

“It’s about getting better, but, no matter what we do, our kids are going to try to win,” Isabella coach Lanny Jones said.