A Father’s Day surprise

Published 5:50 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burton’s Sugar Farm, in the northeast corner of Mississippi, was the site of the Southern Enduro Riders Association harescramble hosted by CycleSport USA on June 21.

The weather was extremely hot and dry, with the sun hanging around all day with little chance of any cloud cover for relief.

The kids races got things started around 8:30 a.m., and Neal Ousley once again brought home a first-place win on the 4-mile course.

The adult race began at 11 a.m. with a dead engine start and a short trek before entering the woods for the 5-lap, 8.7-mile-per-lap contest.

There were three Alabama guys in the AA class that led things off, with Steve Nicholas grabbing the hole shot followed closely by Dustin Stevens of Clanton and Damon Hallmark.

The Open A class was next to leave, 1 minute later, with Jordyn Dubose of Mississippi leading the way into the woods just ahead of Kevin DeLoach, Tyler Carter and Chris McMillan.

In the Lites A class, Hunter Sanders got a good start to go into the woods in second position. In the Lites B class, Jonathon Seales got off to a great start as well.

In the Vet B class, Ted Anz was second into the woods, followed by Jason Brasington, Jason Copeland and John Huggins to round out the class.

The Junior Class had an exciting start as Jacob Davis found a hot line and was out front going into the woods, being chased by Beau Burnett and Jared White. Phillip McMillan also got things going right away to start the day.

By the end of the first lap, Carter was already in overall position as he was less than 30 seconds behind the AA guys and was gaining ground quickly. By the third lap, he was out front until he had to pit for gas.

Nicholas got back around but not for long as Carter would make the pass on the last lap to win overall by a margin of 1:21. This was Carter’s first career overall, and the 1:21 difference was a sweet bonus as 121 is the number of Team Boog, which competes in the 24-Hour Challenge every year. Carter was the leadoff man this year for that team.

Nicholas would come in second overall with Chris McMillan fifth and DeLoach sixth. This was also DeLoach’s best-ever finish in a harescramble.

Stevens and Sanders both had bike problems and were unable to finish. Anz had a great day going until midway through the event, when problems arose and he wasn’t able to finish.

Huggins would go on to win third in Vet B and 15th overall, Copeland fourth and Brasington fifth. The Junior Class had Burnett turning in one of his best-ever rides to finish second and White third. Davis had bike problems and claimed seventh.

Seales would finish third in Lites B and 20th overall, Adrian Gervais first in Vet A and Phillip McMillan first in Golden Masters.

The next scheduled SERA event is June 28 just outside of Laurel, Miss.