Final preparations

Published 8:52 pm Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday night was the last chance to polish the routines as the Little Miss Peach and Young Miss Peach contestants practiced for the last time prior to the actual pageants.

The contestants practiced where to walk and when to wave as parents looked on.

Christy Hay, mother of a Little Miss Peach hopeful, said her daughter enjoys all the excitement leading up to the pageant, including getting ready and seeing the gifts, balloons and flowers laid out for her.

“She really likes being with friends and going to all the activities they have,” Hay said.

Hay said most of the girls have participated in pageants before, so they catch on quickly in rehearsals.

Hay said her daughter enjoys participating in the Little Miss Peach pageant and doesn’t get too nervous.

“As long as mama doesn’t stress, daughter doesn’t stress,” Hay said.

Carline Swindle, whose daughter, Carlea will compete in the Young Miss Peach pageant, said her daughter doesn’t get nervous either

“She’s been in this one ever since she was five,” Swindle said.

Swindle said she works hard to get everything done ahead of time to minimize the stress.

“The day of you don’t want to do anything but relax,” she said. “Monday we just sit down and relax.”

Swindle said her daughter enjoys being in the pageant, and she hopes Carlea will learn from it as well.

“I hope she learns that no matter what you do, whatever you do, you want people to see Christ in your life,” she said.

Swindle also hopes her daughter will learn people skills from participating in the pageant, something Swindle said Carlea will be able to use her whole life.