Hard work should be only way to success

Published 8:34 pm Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am convinced the value of a hard work ethic and strong values is being found to have a diminished place in our society. This is not an opinion to drive political discussion but rather a more fundamental discussion of the basic lessons we all learn as children.

It’s true children today—in general—would rather spend free time behind a video game console instead of playing outside. Children—in general—would rather find time to avoid anything hard for something much easier and more comfortable.

Basic lessons learned in life, even ones like don’t pick on boys bigger than you and expect nothing to happen and the classic lesson of you should ask first before eating something, are taught at a young age, and usually through tough consequences.

What has become a developing trend to instant gratification and short cuts has found an increasing stronghold in our sports world.

No longer are we interested in good sport, fair play and the lessons of sportsmanship. Today, we have become a society of win at all costs regardless of the honor involved.

What has become known as the steroid era in baseball is a huge problem that is only now being solved through tough testing, suspensions and apparent bans from the Hall of Fame.

This, and the win-at-all-cost-mentality of sport, is now becoming more prevalent even at the high school and youth sport level.

And, with that in mind, the Chilton County Board of Education—at least in one small way—has the opportunity to take a stand. Chilton County High School officials recommended the implementation of a drug test for student athletes, and that is to be applauded.

It is a decision that should be questioned as to why it is not being introduced system-wide. Why should student-athletes at CCHS be singled out? Is there a problem we are not aware of?

Today’s youth must be taught that only hard work can bring great accomplishment, whether that is in the classroom or the locker room. The use of performance enhancing drugs must be stopped at all levels but should never be allowed to gain a foothold on the levels of sport where fundamental teaching is the main goal.