Board should adopt drug testing policy

Published 9:16 pm Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not only is it our opinion that the Chilton County Board of Education should move quickly on the proposed drug testing of student-athletes at Chilton County High School, but we also urge BOE to take it a step further and adopt the policy for all county student-athletes.

Regardless of the size of sample, the cost is going to be a determining factor in just how many students to test and the frequency of testing, but it is a must that this policy be adopted with the same motto of fair play that we ask our student-athletes to follow in competition.

Adopting a policy for just one of the county’s six high schools is not fair to those being tested.

What makes them more of a target than those athletes at Thorsby, Jemison, Verbena, Isabella and Maplesville?

Is there a track record we are not aware of at Chilton County High School that requires the need for such a program at that school alone?

We applaud the leadership at Chilton County High School for bringing this program up for discussion and for recommending to the board that it be done system-wide. We would ask the same, and that the board take action quickly.