Cemeteries a worthwhile cause

Published 6:49 pm Monday, June 1, 2009

“The people who have worked here, you have done a marvelous, marvelous thing.”

That’s what Ted Urquhart, first vice president of the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance said Saturday at the official dedication of the Mullins family cemetery in the Jumbo community, and we agree.

The Chilton Cemetery Association and Boy Scout Troop 259 were instrumental in the cleanup of the site, and they deserve commendation.

The Mullins Cemetery is one of 19 Chilton County cemeteries listed on the state historic register and is the resting place of Sarah Crockett Goodgame, believed to be a sister or cousin of American folk hero Davey Crockett.

Mullins Cemetery is only part of the work done by the Chilton Cemetery Association. It’s unfortunate sites rich in history come to be neglected, but we’re fortunate to have a group of people willing to give their time and effort to make improvements to cemeteries.