Airport short of its potential

Published 6:48 pm Monday, June 1, 2009

An improved Chilton County Airport would benefit the county, and we’re glad work is being done to make an improved airport a reality.

The most immediate goal is licensing by the state. For that to happen, Chilton County Airport Authority member Billy Singleton said obstacles in the approach and departure paths of aircraft must be removed, and the runway at Gragg-Wade Field must be re-marked.

The obstacles must be removed first so the Federal Aviation Administration will approve additional funding, which would then be used for resurfacing and re-marking of the runway.

The airport authority has already received $2 million, most of which came from FAA, to make needed improvements. Several parcels of private land remain in the way of the airport realizing its potential. Once it does, Chilton County will be accessible to more business flights, medical flights, aerial fire patrols, law enforcement flights and military training.