Future of local bills of interest uncertain

Published 11:18 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Alabama Legislature will resume their session Thursday, May 14.

With just two days remaining in the session, there remains a chance that two major bills of local interest will have their fates determined this week.

The alcohol sales bill, which would allow Jemison and Thorsby the chance to hold a wet/dry referendum has been vetoed by the governor, but the senate may hold another override vote this week.

The one attempt thus far in the Alabama Senate to override Gov. Bob Riley’s veto failed.

The Alabama House of Representatives did vote to override the veto two weeks ago.

The business license bill composed by the Chilton County Commission has been approved by the House, but Sen. Hank Erwin has said he opposes the bill because of concerns by county residents.

It is unlikely at this point, according to both Erwin and county commissioners the bill will be brought up for a senatorial vote before the session ends Friday, thus killing the bill.