Commissioner upset with State Senator’s inaction

Published 6:40 pm Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear editor,

I feel that Senator Hank Erwin has betrayed the very people he was sworn to represent.

He told me out of his own mouth that he was pulling the county’s proposed business license bill because Jimmy Parnell and Alfa did not like the bill.

When we prepare our 2010 budget and are unable to fund our departments, and we have to start parking sheriff cars, laying off road department personnel and having long lines in the courthouse due to layoffs, the works and the people of Chilton County can blame Senator Erwin, Jimmy Parnell and Alfa.

We, as commissioners, have very limited ways to generate additional revenue for our county and now they have taken one away.

I feel that Senator Erwin would have supported this bill if he were not running for lieutenant governor and thus needing the support of Alfa.

To me, it appears that Senator Erwin is putting his political ambition ahead of the people he should be helping.

As we all know, money talks.

I would like to tell the people of Chilton County that we will make it. It is going to be hard but this is a great county and we can make it without Hank Erwin.

I would also like to thank Jimmy Martin for all his help in getting this bill through the Alabama House of Representatives.

Allen Caton

Chilton County Commissioner