Weekend a positive change for sports

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 10, 2009

You may have noticed the sports section of The Clanton Advertiser looks a little different on the weekends now.

Actually, the whole newspaper looks different on the weekends now, and if you haven’t noticed by now—the second edition of our new Weekend edition—then you just aren’t paying attention.

Mike Kelley, our publisher, and Tim Reeves, our editor and general manager, have wrote about how the decision to go to a Weekend newspaper will affect you, the reader. It may be a week late, but I’d like to take some time to discuss what the change will mean to you, the reader of our sports section.

The biggest change—other than a new design and the fact that two separate one-page sports sections (one of Saturday and one on Sunday) have been combined into one larger section—is perhaps the sports calendar on page 2 of this section. The calendar is an effort to highlight events, both local and not local, readers might find interesting. The list isn’t exhaustive and some people might not find every one of the events interesting, but the calendar should be a helpful guide.

Another change is the players of the week package, which used to run on Tuesdays. The move basically means I have three fewer days to compile the players of the week, so your help is critical. Please submit your player of the week nomination for consideration—the necessary information is listed on page 2B.

Lastly, your opinion of the Weekend sports section is important to us. Send feedback to the e-mail address listed below, and thanks for reading