Mother’s day miracle

Published 10:46 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Mother’s Day didn’t mean much to Cory and Amy Cleckler—other than making sure they got a gift for their mothers and made sure to stop by and wish them well. This Mother’s Day could not be any more different.

On April 23, the couple welcomed daughter Millie Morgan, a healthy baby girl, whose eventual arrival was simply a miracle.

“She is a miracle, a beautiful miracle,” Amy said, looking at Millie. “She didn’t come on our time, she came to us on God’s time.”

In January 2006, Cory was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and the ensuing chemotherapy made the couple decide to bank sperm, allowing them to still try to have a child while Cory successfully battled cancer.

His chemotherapy was completed in June 2006, and the couple was advised not to try to get pregnant naturally for at least two years.

So, over the years, the couple used the banked sperm with no success.

“It was emotionally exhausting. We tried everything,” Amy said. “You try and try and try. It was tough.”

Two years after his completing his chemotherapy, doctors tested Cory, saying the couple could try to have children naturally again.

“It still didn’t happen, so we decided to trade in our car for something ‘fun’,” Cory said. “We got a Jeep Wrangler to go out and have some fun in.

“Five months later, we were pregnant.”

In August, the couple found out they were pregnant, letting off a huge celebration.

“Everyone was with us through this whole process,” Amy said of her and Cory’s family. “When you go through what we have, you have to have family there with you.”

The pregnancy was a good one, Amy said, adding the initial due date was Saturday, May 9— the day before Mother’s Day. And, she admits the meaning of Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning.

“It’s all about me know,” Amy said laughing. “It is so special to just look at her. She’s wonderful.”

She also added this is the first grandchild for her mother, Mary Linderman.

“This is going to be a really special Mother’s Day for her as well,” Amy said.

The two believe the timing of everything was truly divine.

“We weren’t ready to be parents. I couldn’t imagine going through cancer with a newborn,” Cory said. “A lot of prayer got her here. She is a miracle.”

Amy’s parents are Tim and Mary Linderman of Clanton, and Cory’s parents are Calvin and Becky Cleckler of Clanton.