Bill’s fate was sealed early

Published 11:31 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

It will be difficult for the Chilton County Commission to get a bill passed during the remainder of this legislative session that would allow the commission to establish business license fees.

First of all, the window of time for the bill to pass the state senate is closing fast. Secondly, State Sen. Hank Erwin (R-Montevallo) has indicated he will not bring it up for a vote until the commission corrects certain problems with the bill.

We agree the bill has problems. While the commission has voiced plans to hold public hearings upon the bill’s passage, why not hear what the public has to say first and then draft a bill? Not doing this simply looks bad.

While we are not against finding new revenue sources, we need to know more specific information before the Legislature gets involved.

If an when this bill does not pass, it will not be the alluded political influences of some that will take the blame, it will be the commission who rushed to put together a poorly written and ill-concieved piece of legislation.