A pencil helps any golf game

Published 9:14 pm Thursday, May 7, 2009

It would be a stretch to call myself a golfer. I enjoy the game immensely, but earning that prestigious title is far out of reach at this point in my game.

Over the past few years, I’ve improved dramatically, such as actually using a 3-iron for hitting the ball rather than using it just in case I come across a snake while looking for my wayward golf ball.

As someone who makes a living writing, I have developed a true appreciation for the way writers explain the way to play a golf hole.

Such descriptions are often available at some golf courses, giving players somewhat of a guide on how to play the hole.

An example might be: From the white tees, a well-placed shot to the right of the fairway bunker will leave you with a clear shot to a very welcoming green and pin placement.

These write-ups almost make the game sound easy and inviting. Far from the stress and unwelcome conditions that often find me scrambling through trees and tall brush.

The more I’ve thought about it, such writings should be written more along the lines of the less-experienced or “hack” golfer as myself.

Such an examples should be: From the tee you will whiff on your first two attempts and then, on the third attempt, barely move your ball past the women’s tee. From there you will require yet another four swings to move the ball into the fairway bunker. There, you will find the green still a country mile away, requiring you to pick up the ball, cuss the fact that you play this game and then drop the ball near the green. At that point, a misplayed chip shot will move the ball into the greenside bunker, giving you an incredible score. At that point, you put a bogey down on the scorecard and move on to the next hole.

Golf is an honorable game played by those with honorable intentions, and it is often said that the best club in a golfer’s bag is their pencil.

For a writer with my golf game, that has never been more true.

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