Dramatic lesson

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trae Caton will graduate this month from Chilton County High School, and he hopes a production he helped organize Tuesday will ensure all of his classmates join him at the ceremony.

In September, Caton thought of the idea to create a mock drunk driving wreck, complete with fatalities, emergency vehicles and the county coroners. And, as for as timing, what better week to put on the show than the week of prom?

“Luckily, I’ve haven’t had any friends who have been killed in a wreck involving drunk driving. And, I want to keep it that way,” Caton said. “I know what kind of tragedy that can be and what it could do to the student body.”

Tuesday’s demonstration of the fatal car accident, involving models sporting fake blood, firefighters extracting victims and even a LifeSaver helicopter, was for the Chilton County High School student body.

“We saw some tears after it was over,” Caton said. “I wanted everyone to see what was possible.”

Caton, who also serves as a volunteer at Collins Chapel No. 2, has seen wrecks involving drunk drivers.

“I’ve worked some of those wrecks and see what can be caused,” Caton said. “I feel good about what we were able to do today and thank God for giving me the vision for such a thing.”

Chilton County High School’s prom is set for Saturday.

Helping Caton with the organization of the event, along with principal Greg DeJarnett, were John Shearon, Clanton Fire Chief Donald Driver, Clanton Chief of Police Brian Stilwell, County Coroner Randy Yeargan, Deputy Coroner Awlahjaday Agee, and Pete’s Wrecker Service who provided the wrecked vehicles. Clanton officer David Hicks helped with the scene and the dramatic makeup.

Caton, who will graduate with his classmates May 28, plans to attend Lawson State in the fall.