House down, Senate to go

Published 10:19 pm Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday overrode Gov. Bob Riley’s veto of House Bill 175, which would allow many state municipalities to decide whether to legalize the sale of alcohol.

We’re glad this bill, which will be a source of revenue for cities and towns that could desperately need it, is one step closer to becoming law.

State. Rep. Jimmy Martin sponsored the bill and played a crucial role in its original support and now the effort to override Riley’s veto. We applaud Martin’s dedication to serving the best interests of the people of Chilton County.

Now, we just need the Senate to follow the House’s lead and vote to override Riley’s veto, and that appears to be a strong possibility.

“We all feel pretty good that if they take it up, they will vote to override,” Martin has said.

The intention all along with this bill was not to approve alcohol sales in towns like Thorsby and Jemison, but to simply provide those towns the chance. The chance to hold a referendum and allow their citizens to decide.

It’s a shame Gov. Riley decided to hold up this bill, forcing the legislators to jump through yet one more hoop. But, jump they did and successfully.

Next week, we hope the Senate will follow the example set by the House and make this bill law.

In the end, the decision will not lie with our elected officials, rather those in the towns it will affect.