Help us enhance your weekends

Published 9:40 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This weekend The Clanton Advertiser will launch a new “Weekend” edition. The newspaper, which will be delivered each Saturday morning, is not replacing anything, only merging our Saturday edition and Sunday edition into one, larger, multi-section edition.

This edition will feature a number of new and refurbished features that we believe will make it a must read every week.

First, you will notice there are two sections in each edition. The separate sports section is one we’ve designed to heavily focus on local sports, local athletes and local results. It will feature a SportsWeek calendar detailing upcoming sporting events around Chilton County and also offer some television sporting options.

The section will also feature our weekly athletes of the week and columns by our sports editor Stephen Dawkins and NASCAR columnist Jeff Findley.

The main news section will also have a different feel and focus.

On the front page, we hope to feature an aspect of Chilton County, its people, its businesses or its destinations that you may not know or know a lot about. It will be an opportunity to talk about the hottest topics of the week in a more in-depth and expanded format.

The news section will also feature a new Chilton County page, highlighting a particular person or event that you will hopefully find interesting and noteworthy.

There are some other, subtle changes designed to make the paper easier to read and enjoy.

But, with all the changes, there is one common factor that will remain the same; our commitment to you, our readers.

Our job is to provide the best possible newspaper for the Chilton County community. Period. It is our job to cover the stories you find interesting and provide you the information you may need to know.

As we launch this new edition we long for your comments and suggestions. If you like the changes, let us know. If you don’t like the changes, let us know also.

Trust me when I say that this newspaper is your newspaper. We, the staff of The Advertiser, simply have the pleasure of producing it for you.

The Weekend edition is a positive move for our company and, we believe, our community.


– Tim Reeves is the general manager/editor for The Clanton Advertiser. His column appears each Wednesday.