Earthquake rattles area counties, homes

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An earthquake that occurred north of Centreville early Tuesday morning had many Chilton County residents calling the United States Geological Survey to report they believed they experienced an earthquake.

By mid-morning Tuesday, 21 county residents had reported they felt what they thought was an earthquake.

The USGS released a statement Tuesday that a 3.8-magnitude earthquake had occurred approximately four miles north of Centreville in Bibb County at 5:25 a.m.

The earthquake occurred, according to the USGS, 3.1 miles below the earth’s surface.

There have been no reports of injuries, deaths or damage caused by the earthquake.

Though the epicenter was approximately 56 miles from Clanton, residents heard and felt the earthquake. Others as far away as Alexander City reported they felt the earthquake.

Tuesday’s earthquake was the second to be reported this year in Bibb County. On February 18, an earthquake that measured 2.2 occurred approximately 10 miles south of Centreville.