Beating the tax clock

Published 10:52 pm Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I never have figured out why I always wait until the last minute to file my taxes. I know when April 15 is, and I know that I am permitted to file my taxes early. But, alas, every year, filing my taxes comes down to the final days.

I, along with millions of others, always seem to wait until the final days or hours to send in the forms and, in my case for the past seven years, a check.

Maybe it’s because I normally have to pay that I put it off until the last minute, or, in the case of this year, wait until the last minute because I thought I would have to pay.

But, among the millions who will race to their nearby post office Wednesday, there are those who will get money back and are still waiting until the last minute.

I just don’t know why.

Maybe it comes down to the rush of just beating the deadline. Or, maybe, for those who have to pay, maybe it comes down to holding onto those dollars just a little bit longer.

Regardless of the decision, April 15’s rush to the post office is always something to behold.

Ronnie Carmichael, Postmaster in Clanton, said they plan on a “significant increase” in mail handled the days leading up to April 15, a prediction every postmaster in every post office in the country is making. And, let’s be honest, it is the easiest prediction anyone can make.

With the advent of e-filing, the rush to the post office is not what it once was, but if you’re looking for a spectator sport to enjoy Wednesday afternoon, pull up a stadium chair at the post office and cheer on those racing to beat the clock.

Gladly, I won’t be among those in a last-minute rush. My wife did our taxes early this year. Thank goodness for her.