Willis wins at Cajun Classic

Published 12:01 pm Saturday, April 11, 2009

One week after a rain delay for the Cajun Classic National Enduro in Forest Hill, La., several local competitors made the lengthy trip—about 8 hours one way—for the challenging event.

The rain from the week before had left behind some muddy terrain, but there was also dust to be found in some areas of the course.

The kids races were held on Saturday afternoon with Austin Anz, Kelsey Duke and Neal Ousley competing in their classes very well. Anz brought home second, Duke fourth and Ousley third.

The adult race started at 9 on Sunday morning with the temperatures starting up the scale early. Jack Willis had little trouble in claiming the top prize in his class as well as sixth overall C. Willis bested not only Southern Enduro Riders Association competitors in his class but national ones as well.

All of these results include everyone competing, not just SERA riders. Brad Belcher had a good day and finished second in class.

The following is how the rest of our locals finished: Ted Anz, sixth; Vicki Anz, sixth; Jacob Davis, seventh; Brain Lewis, third; Brian Duke, fifth; Chris Aultman, fourth; Jason Brasington, 15th; and Tommy Seales, seventh.

Cliff Ousley finished 13th overall and second overall in SERA. Some of our local guys were unable to finish for various reasons—Tyler Carter, John Huggins, Adrian Gervais, Jonathon Seales and Daniel Musselwhite.

After the Easter break, there will be SERA events throughout the month of April and May with a break for Mother’s Day. April 19 will be the date for the harescramble at Indian Creek in Billingsley.