Desperate need

Published 9:37 pm Friday, April 10, 2009

The dogs and cats at the Chilton County Humane Society have gotten by for the better part of a year on donated food, but the supply is now running dangerously low.

“We’re in desperate need,” Humane Society director Paula Jo Mattingly said. “This is the first time since I’ve started that I’ve been worried about it. It kind of bothers me.”

Mattingly, who has been in her position since July 2008, said it takes about 15 40-pound bags of dog food and five 18-pound bags of cat food per week to feed the shelter’s animals. There are 157 dogs and cats at the shelter.

“Right now, I’m down to just four bags, and that is just what has been donated in the past few days,” Mattingly said.

The Humane Society since September 2008 has relied on donations instead of buying food, Mattingly said. The shelter would buy food if it had to, but the organization’s budget is tight.

The Prattville Humane Society in the past has donated about 85 bags, the Shelby County Humane Society has donated about 30 bags, and Chilton County Feed and Seed owner Joe Bice accommodates those wishing to donate by taking orders over the telephone. In fact, the shelter ran out of food on April 8, and Bice paid for the dogs to be fed for a few days.

“People are afraid of donating, that their money won’t be used for what they want it to, but [Bice] will make sure that all the dog food gets to us even if he has to deliver it himself,” Mattingly said.

To contact the Humane Society about donating call 755-9170.