Farmers versus weather: The unending battle

Published 9:34 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In these economic times, people are becoming less likely to take risks. One would want to have as few risks as possible in the path of keeping his or her life secure.

For farmers, however, risk is always present in the form of weather. Out of all the factors that affect agriculture, whether it be market prices, fuel costs or you name it, weather seems to have the most control over this profession.

Despite all the technological advances of this century, farmers cannot hold back the forces of Mother Nature from their fields and orchards. The weather is going to happen, whether it’s good or bad for the crop. Just a few degrees can make the difference.

This week’s cold snap likely caused area farmers to lose a little sleep. The cold weather Tuesday night forced many to take special measures to protect their crops. Peach growers flew in helicopters or turned on wind machines to keep the air flowing above orchards, and some started coal fires to keep areas of their orchards warm.

Those who take up the farming profession are saints among us. They risk their futures in a profession that brings with it much risk.

But, Chilton County is a better place, a better economy thanks to those that have take up this challenging profession — a profession that is sadly dwindling in participation.

Chilton County — around the country — is synonymous with quality produce, and it is only that way because of the quality people and families who produce that produce.

Today we add further prayers that the recent cold snap did little — or no — damage to the local fruit crops.

We know the efforts to prevent such damage was in many cases super human.