Jemison plotting local cemetery

Published 9:36 pm Monday, March 30, 2009

The City of Jemison is having a plot map of Holly Grove Cemetery made for the benefit of citizens.

The project will give the city a record to go by whenever someone inquires about a plot in the cemetery.

The cemetery, located off Alabama Highway 191 and Honeycutt Road, is a community cemetery owned and maintained by the city.

“We just had Pine Hill Cemetery done because we didn’t have a map of plots that are there and who is buried there,” City Clerk Mary Ellison said. “The city owns both cemeteries.”

Pat Haggard is doing the map on an hourly basis for the city, Ellison said.

Anyone that has a plot in Holly Grove Cemetery that is not marked is asked to contact Carl Singleterry, who can be reached at 688-4005.