Ribs-to-Go, Associated Foods help Relay

Published 1:18 am Sunday, March 29, 2009

Associated Foods is teaming up with Chilton County’s Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research in a tasty way.

Next weekend, the Clanton grocery store will sell slabs of barbecue ribs from Ribs-to-Go to raise money for the charity. The ribs will be their normal $15 price, $5 of which goes to Relay for Life.

Associated Foods Manager Phillip Davis feels like this will be a successful fundraiser.

“We have allowed other community organizations to do fundraisers using Ribs-to-Go, and they have done well,” Davis said. “We’re hoping that we can raise a lot of money for Relay.”

Although they will be selling more products than the ribs, Davis said the ribs are the only items that will be used for the fundraiser.

Everywhere Davis goes, numerous Relay for Life teams from churches to schools have approached him about donating money to Relay. This time, he wants to take a proactive approach and do this fundraiser for Relay.

“We’ve never done anything like this before as a whole store,” Davis said. “I felt like this will be a great way to help out a worthy cause.”

Ribs will be ready beginning Thursday at 10 a.m. and will continue to at least 6 p.m. each day through Saturday. He’s hoping he can sell several hundred ribs each day.

“Usually, we start out selling about a hundred or so the first day and it builds each day,” Davis said.

He is preparing to sell at least 500 slabs during the weekend, and he hopes it will become an annual event.