Sessions: Stimulus won’t stimulate U.S.

Published 9:16 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sen. Jeff Sessions doesn’t like what’s going on in Washington right now.

He believes our country is mortgaging its future on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s ability to pull our economy out of a recession.

“This kind of budget just isn’t sustainable,” Sessions said in a media teleconference yesterday afternoon about President Barack Obama’s $800 billion stimulus package. “When you spend more than you take in, it’s going to cause an economic slowdown.”

Sessions doesn’t agree that the stimulus will cause a rapid bounce back of the economy. Sessions said that, in fact, he thinks it could lead to a long-term economic slowdown.

“This amount of spending is unprecedented,” he said. “We’re changing the way government is working, and it’s a change that I’m not sure many like.”

One area that Sessions believes shouldn’t have been cut back is defense spending. Sessions said he believes each president shouldn’t cut back defense spending because the military must be prepared for new threats.

“If you cut back your weapons spending, you’re putting the next administration behind in weapons technology. Then, the next administration is having to catch up on the weapons technology that occurred during this administration,” he said.

Sessions said, “The era of big government is back.” When asked by a reporter when did the era ever go away, Sessions said that the era probably did begin during former President George W. Bush’s administration.

“But it wasn’t at the level it is now,” Sessions said.