Local economy isn’t so bad

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 22, 2009

With all the news these days about the state of the country’s economy it is good to see positive signs that Chilton County’s economy is in better shape than many other areas of the state and country.

The peach orchards that are in full bloom in the county are good examples. They are a sign that our fruit industry is still on track and that thousands of people throughout the Southeast will be purchasing and enjoying Chilton County Peaches again this year.

Local businesses will certainly benefit for those who come to the county to purchase our famous fruit.

Several businesses in the area have renovated their facilities, showing the faith they have in Chilton County’s people and their abilities to work through and improve the current economic conditions. Durbin Farms, Winn Dixie, People Southern Bank and others have and are in the process of undergoing renovations to improve their facilities for their customers.

Richard Moore of People Southern Bank gave me a tour this week of the renovations that are underway at the bank. I certainly was impressed.

When the renovations of the bank are complete early this summer, that bank, as well as all of its customers, will have a facility in which we all can be proud.

In an article about the renovations at the bank this week in The Clanton Advertiser, Richard said he also sees signs that the economy will turn around in the not too distant future. “In the meantime,” he said, “we just have to be patient and continue to work (improving the economy of the area).”

He’s right on target. While we, as individuals, won’t have much of an affect the national economy, we can continue to have faith and work at our jobs every day, and doing so, help improve the economy of our area.