Billingsley scales back

Published 8:49 pm Saturday, March 21, 2009

Billingsley School’s participation in the Scale Back Alabama program wasn’t just contained to students, teachers and school administrators. It actually spread to the entire community.

School nurse Wendy Glasscock said the school had a total of 13 teams (four people per team) participating in the Scale Back Alabama program for a total of 52 people. After everyone weighed in last week, the school lost 389 pounds combined.

“We’ve had a lot of groups lose a lot of weight,” she said. “It hasn’t just been employees and students; there have been several from our community who have participated and done well.”

While one the main goals of the project is to lose weight, Glasscock said everyone involved learned healthy habits they could use for a lifetime.

“What people have learned the most is how to incorporate more exercise into their daily lives. Everyone is also watching their portions of what they eat,” she said.

Many people in Billingsley say they just feel better and have much more energy than they used to.

“I feel healthier and able to keep up with my three children, Garrett, Madison and Trinity, who are all very active in various sports. I plan on losing a few more pounds and maintaining that weight,” said Ray Price, the person who lost the most weight in Billingsley with 26 pounds.

Coming in second was Donell Morgan with 24 pounds. Billingsley Principal Van Smith and teacher Kelly Hubbard lost 16 pounds, and Jeannie Spigner lost 15 pounds.

Out of the 13 teams, Billingsley had two teams — “The Weight Warriors” and “Bama Booty Busters” — where everyone on the team lost at least 10 pounds each. They will be able to participate in the statewide drawing for cash prizes.

Out of the 52 participants, 21 people lost at least 10 pounds and will be eligible for the individual drawing for cash prizes.

“The Weight Warriors” lost the most weight with a total 58 pounds. On this team were Debbie Price, Ray Price, Sonya Thomas and Gail Moore.

Anita McGhee’s team lost a total 52 pounds. Others on the team were Donell Morgan, Vansie Morgan and Gertrude Thomas.

“Bama Booty Busters” lost a total 47 pounds. On the team were football coach Kevin LeSueur, baseball coach Todd Reece, Kim Zaner and Lynn Bland.

“This has been a great experience. I am doing this to become healthy so I can be a better husband (to wife Kellie) and a better father to my soon to be born daughter, Ellie Grace,” Reece said.

Glasscock said they plan to continue their efforts for the remainder of the school year even though Scale Back Alabama is ending. She would like to implement programs to help students incorporate more exercise.