Four arrested in I-65 chase

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Four people have been arrested following a two-mile chase on I-65 a few minutes ago.

According to Chilton County Sheriff Kevin Davis, the chase began around the northbound Clanton rest area when officers attempted to make a traffic stop and ended when the suspects tried to turn around in the median.

Information regarding the suspects’ identities or charges was not available.

Davis said the incident was not a high-speed chase. Numerous police vehicles were called to the scene.

Traffic was backed up on the interstate due to the chase. I-65 was shut down for about an hour due to the chase and has just re-opened. However, a wreck at the 213-mile marker reportedly involving several vehicles has resulted in at least one injury.

At least four vehicles, and possibly as many as seven, were involved in the wreck.

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